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Binfluenced Mass Media Marketing and Consulting, LLC. is a multi-faceted company created to empower, inform, celebrate and influence Black Excellence throughout the Black diaspora. 


Our mission is to provide exclusive exposure to our Black Influencers; entrepreneurs, innovators, community groups/organizations, educators and history makers of all ages and backgrounds.  Influencers, who share their stories of the challenges, pitfalls, victories, and encouragement to future influencers.


However, it's mission goes beyond providing media exposure to those being overlooked by today's social media moguls.  Our future nonprofit initiative programs, in association with Blackbutterfly Enterprises, Inc., will provide programs that foster Black excellence. Our programs will provide platforms that allow today's teen a firm voice in shaping tomorrow.  While also continuing the development of our "Interns to Entrepreneurs Training Program" along with implementing programs to educate and assist future homebuyers.   For more information about our initiative programs click here.


BInfluenced is the Black Influence, celebrating our influencers of today, yesterday and tomorrow.


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BInfluenced Mass Media Marketing & Consulting

Youth Advocate, Published Poet, Author, Radio Personality, Television Producer, Mentor,  Educator

Originally from New Jersey, bred in Philly Dee Cephas relocated from Delaware to Georgia in 2014. In 2008, Ms. Cephas incorporated  Blackbutterfly Enterprises, Inc., a not-for-profit organization focusing on empowering the youth with the tools to succeed holistically in life.  A former student of Temple University, Ms. Cephas shared many of the tools and lessons she acquired from her studies, from life, from attending workshops held by  Iyanlya Vanzant in Philadelphia and Silver Springs, MD, from books such as “The 4 Agreements”, "Think and Grow Rich" along with African MAAT traditions.  


Blackbutterfly Enterprises, Inc., the umbrella of Ms. Cephas’ many visions, produced a local Comcast television teen talk show and also filmed, directed and produced the documentary “From The Field to The Hill, Delaware's Journey-1968-2008”. This film chartered 4 coach buses of students from the State of Delaware's public/charter schools as well as students from the University of Delaware’s English and African American Studies departments to the 2008 inauguration of President Barack Obama. In addition, Ms. Cephas’ female empowerment program for young ladies ages 10-18 earned her a "Proclamation for her Outstanding Work" from the City of Wilmington in Delaware.  Her programs influence in the community has also influenced the lives of many successful young women such as The Voice contestant Nadjah Nicole and journalist/talk show host for B.E.T., recognized as the top 40 under 40 women in media Jamila Mustafa.


In 2010 Ms. Cephas partnered with NBG Network, LLC., online Black news, media, and Black business directory service.  Upon relocating to Atlanta in 2014, Ms. Cephas became the Southern Regional Director of Operations for NBG Network, LLC., overseeing its operations for Atlanta, Jacksonville, Miami, Houston, and Alabama.  Along with covering content for its online cinema platform, she's also hosted red carpet events, media coverage for concerts, conferences, and conducts both local and celebrity interviews.  


Today Ms. Cephas is the President of Blackbutterfly Enterprises, Inc., CEO of BInfluenced Mass Media Marketing and Consulting, LLC., is currently hosting speaking seminars and women's healing retreats throughout the country and writing her memoir, "I Have A Story To Tell, Soul of the Blackbutterfly".  Her story of CDV, domestic violence through the eyes of a child, the bruises and scars you don't see, last a lifetime.   


Learn more about Blackbutterfly Enterprises, Inc., her not-for-profit organization.

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Excerpt from

CHAPTER 3- Fifteen

"I had never seen my dad cry, my emotions were conflicted. Part of me was angry and hurt that he beat me, the other part was hurt that I hurt him. I backed out the room, went into my room and cried myself to sleep.

For the next few days I would barely come out of my room or eat and finally, I put all my clothes in a trash bag, wrote a note and ran away. No idea where I was going...

...I remember, sitting in their kitchen and her mother sitting across from me telling me I needed to go home, that my dad loved me and she would have to tell him I was there and if he was to say ok, I could live there. I cried and begged her not to tell but it was too late, he was already pulling up and I had no escape. He came in the house and thanked her for keeping me safe, grabbed my trash bag and we got into the car. In the car was nothing but silence. We went to his house, “Are you going to beat me, again?”

...I don’t know what was going on in his head at that moment, maybe he thought to bring me back to what was once our home would fix everything that was breaking us apart, or maybe it was our last moment together of what use to be..."


The photo that changed the way the world viewed domestic violence.

DONNA FERRATO - 1981, A young boy witnesses his father being arrested. “I hate you for hitting my mother!” he said. “Don’t you come back to this house!

Children raised in domestic violence households, suffer many of the symptoms associated with PTSD.   CDV- Child Domestic Violence is real and the effects follow most children well into their adulthood.  

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New Year, New You, NO! Just be You, peel back the layer, remove the mask, remove the titles, face the fears, past pain.  Refresh and Just Be You!


2020 I Have A Story To Tell, Women's Self Love Empowerment Retreats.

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